Why is multi-factor authentication important?


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature that you have probably come across while signing in to your online accounts.  In addition to your username and password, you are required to enter a code to complete log in. Though it may appear to be an added step that causes inconvenience, MFA can actually shield you from significant security threats.

Given the advantages of MFA, it is a standard in the industry. Tackle strongly advocates for the use of MFA across all digital systems and here are a few of the reasons why.

Significantly increases security.

When using MFA, a special code is required and received via text or an authentication app (ex. Google Authenticator, Salesforce Authenticator, etc.). You must use the code immediately or it will expire.

Basically, if someone other than you is trying to gain access to your account, they also need to have access to the authentication code (only available via your phone or your established authentication app). This requirement significantly reduces an intruder from hacking into your account and can save you significant headaches in dealing with a breached account.

It’s so easy to use.

Multi-factor authentication adds one small step to your login process. We can’t think of another security measure that is so easy, yet so effective.

MFA is increasingly common as a standard security measure for many online systems. While some systems, like Google, still offer a two-step verification as an option, we strongly recommend that you opt in to MFA whenever possible. Whether your account contains sensitive information or not (such as banking or medical data) — adding an extra layer of security is never a bad idea, and the process is usually simple and quick. By implementing MFA, you can keep your personal information more secure and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have taken proactive measures to protect your assets.

Protects you for the future.

We have to assume every account we have can be compromised by a leak of log in information or other security vulnerabilities. Adding MFA is really important to create security for your accounts because it adds an additional layer of protection. And while that account you just created might seem insignificant to you today, why not protect yourself down the road just in case?


Avoid using security questions, because most of the answers can be easily found by doing some basic searching on social media or background checks. If you have to use a security question, use either intentionally wrong answers or code it in some way.

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