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Things to know about the Salesforce Lightning switch

If you are an avid Salesforce user, I am sure by now you have heard about the upcoming mandatory switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. In this blog series, the Tackle team addresses some of those looming questions you might have about this important change. Jeff Miller, our Salesforce expert, weighs in on some of […]


Quick tips when working with non-tech staff

As someone working in a technical role at your organization, it can sometimes feel like you are a foreigner in your own country. With all the different languages, processes, and acronyms, it can quickly get confusing to someone not familiar with your world. At Tackle, we get it. We speak “tech” every day to people […]


Why is multi-factor authentication important?

There is a good chance you’ve utilized multi-factor authentication recently. When you sign into a new account and have to receive something like a code via text message to proceed. While it might seem like this extra step is an inconvenience, multi-factor authentication might actually protect you from some serious security inconveniences down the road. […]