We get where you are coming from.

Our team has many years working on the nonprofit side of things. We’ve been in your shoes and worked with consultants who didn’t get it and tried to give us a one size fits all solution.

The industry status quo was outdated, so we decided to change that.


We meet you where you’re at and work to empower your use of Salesforce and other technologies.

Tailored solutions.

We work hard to produce quality work that’s flexible and sustainable for managing your data and systems.


Access to senior level nonprofit experts for admin, one-offs, training, and larger initiatives. We are just an email or phone call away, and want to see your organization thrive.

It’s all part of our mission.

To help nonprofit organizations fulfill their goals by empowering staff to maximize the power of their technologies.

We started Tackle for you.


Our founders started Tackle with a vision to see nonprofits thrive. When staff can overcome technical hurdles, the entire organization benefits. Each of our team members have nonprofit experience – not just as consultants working with nonprofits but having worked at nonprofit organizations over the course of our careers.

Ryan Granzow


Nonprofits and technology are in my DNA. Working as a staffer at National Brain Tumor Society and consultant at three prior national-level nonprofit consulting firms has given me unique perspectives on what nonprofits need. At Tackle, I combine our nonprofit experience and technical skills to help nonprofits do things right.

Robert Stowe


Nonprofits are important to me personally and professionally. Drawing from more than 20 years’ experience with museums, education programs, and health organizations, I ensure we have the right resources and tools to deliver top-quality services.

Our team.


Kim Martinez


Kim has over 20 years of combined experience in operations and services management for nonprofits and for-profit entities. Technology is what lead her to work with nonprofits. For Kim, it’s all about working at an organic level with organizations—human to human—to wield the power of technology for a greater good. Kim lives in Austin, Texas and enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family and furry children.

Jeff Miller

Senior Technology Consultant

In over 15 years as nonprofit technology professional, Jeff developed a passion for helping organizations of all sizes achieve their technology goals. He has worked on both the client side and as a consultant. Fundraising technology can provide unique challenges to nonprofits, and Jeff lives for finding uniquely creative solutions.

Deborah Dimasi

Implementation Consultant

15 years ago, Deborah started her nonprofit career with a background in for-profit data management and discovered a path helping nonprofits use data and technology for good. With experience at large and small organizations, she brings an insider’s perspective to problem-solving, streamlining business processes, and supporting strategic decision-making. Deborah is a Salesforce Certified Administrator/ NPSP specialist who combines proven technical expertise with a thoughtful approach to help meet the needs of nonprofit organizations.

Tackle is headquartered in Austin, Texas and supported by a team across the United States. We are always looking to add more talent to our team that have a heart and passion to see nonprofits grow.

Our official platform partners.

These are systems we think are so great, we took the time to become official partners with them. We are happy to help your team navigate any of these platforms, and more.


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Ready to get started?

Let Tackle take the lead when you don’t have a staff person to fill the need.

Ready to get started?

Let Tackle take the lead when you don’t have a staff person to fill the need.