We are so excited to welcome Tom Vance to the Tackle team! Tom recently joined our team as an Associate Consultant and he is already helping make our client’s technology shine.

Tom comes to Tackle with a solid background working on staff at nonprofits. He brings a high level of understanding of the challenges nonprofits face, especially with their technology. His first-hand knowledge of development, fundraising, programming, culture, and communications puts him in a unique position when working with our clients to achieve their technology goals. We are confident you will be in great hands with Tom when working on your next project at Tackle.

Check out what Tom had to say in this Q&A below.

Tell us about yourself.

As a white, queer, lo-fi femme millenial – I approach the world understanding that parts of the world were made for me and other parts were not. Therefore social change work is core to who I am.

In my short life so far, has entailed serving on a capital campaign to raise $15 million for a new homeless shelter; developed and implemented a grasstops organizing strategy to get more funding to LGBTQ+ community organizations; and most recently, built an advancement team to help a Black serving nonprofit survive the COVID-19 endemic.

Through all this time, I’ve been using technology to manage donor relationships and program outcomes to continue securing funding for mission critical work. Helping organizations embrace technology can reduce paperwork, create 360 customer views and help break organizational silos leading to more innovation to solve the world’s leading challenges.

What do you value most when working with clients?

Being a consultant lets you touch the work of multiple missions and the lives of extremely passionate people trying to make a difference in our world. I’m reminded of a quote from Lila Watson, “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” To build the future we want, we have to work together.

What excites you most about helping nonprofits with their technology?

How technology can be used to achieve an organization’s mission. And the easier the technology is to use, the bigger return on investment the organization can get. If I can get organizations out of spreadsheets and disconnected systems, they can scale their work and get closer to fulfilling their mission.

How would your work help Tackle move in the forward direction?

My intercultural development background will support Tackle navigate the challenges of having a growing team of consultants. The more people you have the more intentional about organization culture you have to be.

I’m a bit of a nerd about this because this is how you find out whether your org culture supports diversity and inclusion or not. Many social change advocates use the intercultural development continuum to unpack where a culture is and what work needs to happen to create a more inclusive environment. **Spoiler Alert** self-awareness is one of the critical activities!

Have any other questions for Tom regarding his role at Tackle? I know he would love to hear from you or connect on LinkedIn.

We know Tom will truly benefit our team and our clients, and we can’t wait for you to work with him on your next project with Tackle.

Everyone on our team is excited to welcome Bria Harris to Tackle! Bria joined our team last month as our Marketing Intern. She has already been such an amazing addition to our marketing and sales team and we are thrilled she came on board.

While Bria is still early in her career, she still brings some solid writing experience, marketing and engagement ideas, and social media management. We know her perspective will positively help us connect our clients to the technology they need.

Learn a little more about Bria in this Q&A below.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Michigan native who comes from a deep blue collar background. A recent graduate from the University of Toledo where I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Information Systems. I also have an MBA in Finance from the University of Toledo. I like to make every opportunity a learning experience. Experiencing different industries such as higher education and financial services has given me the ability to transition well into a new environment, especially since I’m early in my career.

When I’m not working, I like to establish content for my personal finance brand, spend time with family and friends, read books, travel, and live out my foodie dreams. I am a lover of new experiences and with that comes being able to have a great imagination.

What unique experiences do you bring to our team at Tackle?

My background consists of generating content that people from all walks of life can relate to. I began to develop my digital marketing skills through a series of school project work, previous marketing job experiences, and creating a brand out as a side project.

Marketing is the voice of the organization. It combines business acumen with creative processes of connecting people. As a marketer, the job comes with being able to wear many hats and the ability to multitask effectively. For me, it’s a role I am passionate about so to be here at Tackle, I can give the team a fresh perspective that’ll help us grow the organization.

What interests you in working with nonprofits?

At the heart of nonprofit work is community support. I consider myself a community-first type of person because I’m always willing to be a team player and help others succeed. When I first started to look into the nonprofit sector, I noticed a great need for people with business skills. In the nonprofit world, it’s important to have business intelligence since you cannot just run an organization on community alone. Knowing how to operate strategically is how you keep a nonprofit running. Being able to bridge a gap between community development and making good business decisions is what I’ll bring the more I spend working with nonprofits.

What are you most excited to learn in this role?

What excites me most about working here is that I get a chance to sharpen my skills as a marketer. Marketing is the first point of contact in getting clients to work with us. To use marketing skills to make an impact is always an exciting thing to do. The ability to create content that supports our company efforts is what I look forward to.

Have any other questions for Bria regarding her role at Tackle? I know she would love to hear from you or connect on LinkedIn.

We are pumped to have Bria on our team! Keep an eye out for her posts on Tackle’s blog and social media and be sure to give them some likes and shares.

Tackle is excited to announce our latest addition to our team, Kim Martinez! Kim is joining our team as the Services + Project Operations Manager and we know her previous experience will be a huge benefit to our team and to our clients.

Kim has over 20 years of combined experience in operations and services management for nonprofits and for-profit entities. Leveraging the tools of technology and project management, she’s worked with organizations to build community programs, research service models, and manage fundraising and advocacy initiatives. Kim is personable and creative, and we know our clients can rely on her to advance their technology and see their organizations grow.

We thought we would hand it over to Kim to share her insights into stepping into this new role at Tackle.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a native Austinite and I grew up in the restaurant business. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Concordia University with a minor in Sociology. In the workplace, I love developing processes and workflows to establish a consistent but personalized experience for clients. Outside of work, I spend time with my aging parents, my partner, and my furry children (Kipper and Weasley). I’m a caregiver at heart. I also love to sneak away with my partner to enjoy a good hike in a national or state park, a day adventure of zip-lining or visiting a wildlife sanctuary, and I hope to one day see the Aurora Borealis!

Why are you passionate about supporting nonprofits?

Nonprofits fill a role for so many people across this planet—research, direct services, advocacy, representation, ongoing support, and connection. I believe we all want to find a place where we can effect change, receive the support we need, impact the potential and success of others, and ultimately belong.

What unique experiences do you bring to our team at Tackle?

My background has consistently been to deliver services through project and program management. My focus is to listen and help generate creative solutions, establish best practices, identify risk factors, and ensure good communication with all stakeholders.

Project management is key for most any initiative. Primary variables include scope, time, and cost—and each is constrained by the other. My understanding of how to manage these variables, pivot when needed, assessing risks (positive or negative), and adjusting expectations will be key to keeping the balance so that we can deliver services on time and within budget.

What do you value when working with clients?

I most value honesty and the willingness of clients to embrace and solve for the challenges of technology. For me, it’s all about working at an organic level with organizations—human to human—to wield the power of technology for a greater good.

Have any other questions for Kim regarding her role at Tackle? I know she would love to hear from you or connect on LinkedIn.

We truly are so thrilled to have Kim join us at Tackle, and we can’t wait for you to work with her on your next project with Tackle.