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Using CRM Software with Integrity

In the last century, if you wanted to verify user information, you could hop on a phone call, or opt-in for physical meetups with a client. However, as technology has evolved to make client data easier to manage, CRMs do have the disadvantage of being difficult to monitor. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have made […]

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Helping You Successfully Use Your CRM

At Tackle, what our services are and how we provide them is crucial for nonprofits to be successful. Your customer resource management (CRM) platform is the backbone of digital fundraising efforts. From implementing a new software platform to launching a new software, we know how to make an impact at every stage! Services We define […]

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Our favorite Nonprofit-Friendly CRMs

Working in a nonprofit brings many challenges. The biggest challenge of all: finding a centralized system to keep your data organized. There’s a lot to manage — client list, customer data, emails, donor lists, and many more. Lucky for you, Tackle knows the right CRMs that’ll meet your needs! Take a look at the CRMs […]