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Get started with EOY Reporting Tune-up and make sure your data and dashboards are ready so you can track all of your end of year revenue and start the new year off right.

From Giving Tuesday income reports to EOY appeal response rates to special event attendance, let Tackle help you sort through your data, create dashboards, and set up reports that actually provide the information you are looking for.

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End of year reporting has never been so easy. Here are a few things we can help with.

Pull reports with info you actually need.

Think through your reporting before you start inputing your campaign data, that way you can actually get the information you are looking for at the end of the campaign and when planning for next year’s campaign.

Adjust during your campaign, not after.

When you have custom dashboards and easy to pull reports, you can easily track your campaign progress and adjust things like email content if needed.

Set up easy to access dashboards.

Various members of your team want to know different information about the progress of your EOY campaigns. We can help you set up various dashboards so anyone can quickly view the data they want.

Make sure you are entering usable data.

The data you collect is the most critical component in producing the reports you need. Making sure you have the right fields and that they are set up correctly will go a long way.

ROBYN BUCKNAM Vice President, Digital

“Tackle brings a deep level of expertise to every project. They understand what can be done and what should (or should not) be done in order to make a project meet a business need.”

Our process.

Get started with our EOY Reporting Tune-up and rely on Tackle to set your dashboards and reporting up for success.


Discuss your plans

We‘ll start by discussing what your EOY campaign plans are and what reporting you’ll need.


Assess and recommend

Then we’ll assess any your current technology systems and any reporting issues you’ve had in the past, and provide recommendations for fixing any issues with your current systems and data.


Set up and go

Once those issues are fixed, we will set up your reports and dashboards for a successful EOY campaign.

CRM and reporting platforms we can get started with right away.