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We’re a tech team for nonprofits that values getting the most of your current systems and processes before committing to a whole new set of system and processes.

Our goal is simple. Provide you with enough information, so you can make clear decisions and lead your teams confidently.


Starts at $1,999*

Any of these obstacles sound familiar?

  • Reporting issues
  • Time-consuming business processes
  • Disconnected sources of data
  • Lack of technical skills

Get started with Discovery today and our team at Tackle will provide insights into your technology systems and processes. So your team can focus what is truly important—growing your organization.

*Typically priced between $1,999-$3,999 depending on the scope of the organization.

What’s included.

Discovery is the starting point to providing you insights and solutions with your current technology systems and recommendations tailored to you.

Kick off

This serves as our introduction to your team and officially starts the project. We discuss the current systems you have implemented and what your organization’s goals are, both short- and long-term.


Our team will meet with your staff, from the person who implemented your technology systems to the end users. We ask questions to discover what is working and what is not. This generally takes place over several meetings with different departments of your organization.


Once we have completed the Exploration stage, we will compile our findings. We’ll consider what is working regarding your tech systems and what is not. Then we will put together some recommendations going forward, either solutions you can accomplish in-house, with our team at Tackle, or with someone else.


Our team will complete Discovery with a presentation of our findings to your team. Here you will be able to ask questions so you are equipped to share our recommendations for moving forward and getting the most out of your technology.

What we consider.

These are the two important areas we take into consideration when running your Discovery.

1. Current systems analysis

It is important for us to start with what you already have. We review your business processes and figure out what improvements to make to your CRM and online fundraising systems.

2. Resources and priorities

We understand that every nonprofit is different so we’ll provide you with expert guidance on how to approach your goals within an affordable budget and in what order to tackle them.

Let’s get started.

Now is the time to grow your organization‘s technology capabilities. We can get started right away.

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